Somebuddy give this to Jack Mikaloff, at UPC

23 noiembrie 2009

Yep, the one and only elusive CEO of UPC Romania.

Dear Jack,

Fair and square, I’m one of your bloody customers, you know, the cable TV business, the digital stuff. And I’m jolly old, mate, as you bought me from CVR, all along the other thousands of customers on that database.

So, dear Jack, one may say I put a bloooody lot of money into your merry company, so as a veteran with so many years on my account, you could at least get a decent salesperson to call me in the evening, not that poor lad who could barely spell my name.

Yep, Jack Mikaloff, CEO of UPC, you’ve got a good service – the cable TV – but it seems you only get dorks for sales. That piece of sorryful saleslad of yours could not spell my name until the end of the conversation, could not face a straight honest answer – yes, I use phone and internet from a competitor – and could not clip a couple of words in order to have a chat with me – and seemed to me as bored to death by the obligation to talk to me.

You know, Jack Mikaloff, it’s pointless to put millions into technology, into expanding the business, it’s useless to create prodigious strategies to grow the business and draw new customers when a poor ole hillbilly calls me with a crippled lesson.

And Jack… try to convince your people that selling is a state of mind, not a job. Maybe the bonus is too small…


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